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​​​2015 NEW MEDIATOR OF THE year​​

Jefferson County, CO

At Nesther Mediation LLC, we’re dedicated to ensuring you and your loved ones can rest knowing that we’re here to help to create a positive future for all of our clients.

We’ve mediated numerous clients’ conflicts in family cases or civil claims, in and out of the courthouse, and we have the experience that you’re looking for. We’re always willing to work with you. We’re simply here to help you. Making sure you get the mediation you deserve.

A unique and customized mediation experience for each client.

Each dispute is unique. One size fits all approaches will never help your conflict to reach its full potential resolution. We help you to design custom solutions to your dispute, tailored to your personal circumstances, your family, your business, your one of a kind challenges.


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2016 Parenting plans mediator of the year


Every conflict needs someone to facilitate providing a neutral and confidential environment, establishing open dialogue, and resetting rules to solve it. Whether you are immersed in a family case or civil claim, Nesther Mediation LLC can help find your conflict’s solution.

Nesther Mediation LLC strives to help clients in conflict develop a solid approach and strategy so they can be successful in the resolution of their dispute. We will work together to improve communication and clients relations.


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2018 - 100 CLUB MEDIATOR

Nesther Mediation LLC serves a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our mediation expertise. We approach every case with focus on integrity, respect, and understanding.