Nesther Mediation LLC provides you with mediation at your service.

Mediation can be used in most conflicts whenever the parties in dispute were open to work on the dispute.

Mediators can't provide legal advice. Mediators are not required to be lawyers; in fact, the lawyers that perform as mediators can't give legal advice to the parties. Please, remember that a mediator is not a legal representative of any party.

Even when what is stated above applies to every case, it can be very helpful if the mediator has acquired knowledge about the law in your particular case. In that case, there will be a better understanding about what the parties in conflict and / or their attorneys are debating.

Nesther Mediation LLC has mediated most of the civil cases related to Family Law, Probate, Elderly Law, Business Law, IP and Patents Law, Real State, Workplace, and Commercial matters. We do not work in a conflict that involves Unions but if that is your matter, contact us and we will put you in contact with mediators that only works in that specific area.

FAMILY (Domestic relationships)

  • Prenups
  • Divorce and Separation              
  • Divorce with child/children

                    Parenting Plan (also called "visitation") 

                    Child Support


PROBATE (Elderly and Probate) 

  • Probate matters: Estate Planning, Inheritance disputes, Trusts, Wills, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Estate Inventory, Annual Reports, Personal Representative ...          
  • Elderly: Health Care, Respite Care and Support for Caregivers, End-of-Life decisions


  • Landlord/Tenant matters
  • HOA
  • Buy/Sell
  • Contract


  • Monetary claims up to $7,500: Small Claims cases
  • Monetary claims over $7,500 - $75,000
  • Claims over $75,000 (There is a four - hour minimum charge these mediations)
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional: disputes between lawyers and their clients, malpractice...

COMMERCIAL: Contract disputes, Automotive Repair, Burglar Alarm Companies, Tutoring,

      Cemetery/Funeral, Electronics and Appliance Repair, Training Facilities/Instructors, 

      Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation, Cleaning Services, Locksmith Companies,         Private Investigators, Child Care, Landscaping, ...

WORKPLACE: employer/employee, employee/employee... 

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Gender balance Mediations: 
If you or your representative party in a dispute prefer a gender balanced 
mediation, Nesther Mediation LLC
offers to partner with other recognized mediators in the field of your dispute. 

Additional charges will be applied.

Protection Order Cases:
If your case involves a PO, the right accommodations will be put in place to serve your needs assuring the safety and confidentiality of your mediation process. Please, contact us for further details. 

Additional charges would be applied.

​In the event that you have been ordered mediation by a court, a certificate of mediation will be issued for you to file with the court. Even when the parties have reached partial or no agreement at all.​​

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other languages
bilingual mediaton / mediaciÓn bilingüe
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at your service

Nesther Mediation LLC

​Any party wishing an interpreter, for any other language different than Spanish or English where we can't assist you, shall make all
arrangements directly with the interpreter and shall assume the costs of the service.

The interpreter will sign the agreement to mediate to protect the confidentiality of the mediation.
Additional charges would be applied.