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Anybody that is facing a conflict situation can mediate. Mediation can be the alternative to almost any dispute because is such to the parties to take action and restore harmony.

Usually, people who choose mediation as their first option is the people that want to mitigate the damages that litigation can bring with it. Anyone that wants to work out a deal in his/her own terms, who has figured out that in order to put an end to a conflict an action needs to be taken.

Parties in litigation that the court has ordered to assist in mediation to negotiate a solution that meets their demands. 

Parents that want to accommodate their minor children's needs while they are going through a dissolution of a marriage or a separation. They decide to step in and commit themselves to reach a decision that works for their families; in their unique circumstances with the confidentiality that mediation gives them.

Anyone that is capable to evaluate the situation where is immersed and concludes that if they gather together with a neutral party, to bury the hatchet in a calm environment so peace can be restored in their lives.

You, if you are reading this information, you are considering to opt for mediation like the way to discuss, to settle, to resolve, and to end your current conflict.

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