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Mediation is used by parents that want to accommodate their minor child/children's needs while they are going through a dissolution of a marriage or a separation. They decide to step in and commit themselves to reach a decision that works for their families; in their unique circumstances with the confidentiality that mediation gives them. Always in control of the outcome-based in their personal values. In the long term, parents who participate in mediation highly comply with the agreements and are happier. As a result, their first priority is covered: the well-being of their minor children; happier ones.

You can decide to proceed with mediation in cases where children to get done your Parenting Plans, Child Support Calculations, Modification of Parenting Plans, and Child Support Modifications between others. Mediation is required in most of the cases where minor children are involved. So, why to spend long hours and a big amount of your resources if you are going to be ending in mediation?  

Remember, mediation decreases the suffering level and stress that litigation brings to you. You are in control of the outcome. Mediation works. It saves time and preserves relationships. It's cost-effective and more productive. It allows parties to readjust their perspectives. Mediation is confidential (litigation processes in the courthouse are public). It's a win-win situation.

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Note.- Domestic Matters, Dissolution of Marriage, and Parental Responsibilities are regulated by C.R.S. 14 (COLORADO REVISED STATUTES Title 14). LexisNexis® is the publisher of the Colorado Revised Statutes, to provide free public access to the law. It is not intended to replace professional legal consultation or advanced legal research tools.

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You can mediate almost everything in Family Law related to domestic relationships. Are you getting married? You can mediate your prenup agreement. Are you getting a divorce or facing a rough separation? Mediation is the solution. Are you trying to negotiate post-decree? Mediation is at your service. If you are facing a dispute related to your family present and future needs, and you want to be part of the solution, just contact Nesther Mediation LLC, just use mediation.

The mediation will provide the tools to be actively involved in the solution to your dispute, one solution that is adjusted to their own reality. A unique and customized mediation experience can make a huge difference for each family. Each dispute is unique. One size fits all approaches will never help your family's conflict to reach its potential resolution. Find the right help to design custom solutions to your dispute, tailored to your personal circumstances, your own family, your new reality, your one of a kind challenges.

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