Nesther Mediation LLC

6. You will proceed with the mediation session.

1. CONTACT ME! Send me your info.

14. You leave in good terms with

your deal.

17. You have the key  to way out

your conflict.

4. Do some homework on your own.

Contact Me Today!

12. We will write your

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

11. Parties opt for the resolution of the dispute.

bilingual mediaton / mediaciÓn bilingüe

3. You will sign an 

agreement to mediate.

7. Payment in full is due on mediation day. 

2. I will give you a call back to talk about your case.

16. You always can ask a lawyer to review your MOU.

mediation vs Litigation

9. Remember, mediation is confidential.

Now, you are here and you have seen all the benefits that you can enjoy by participating in a mediation session. How the mediation process works is simpler than a litigating a cause though some steps need to be followed for the success of it. Please, follow the steps below as a guide to the solution of your conflict.

10. Parties engage in negotiations.


how to mediate


vs  litigation

how to mediate

8. I will provide you with the ingredients for success if needed.

5. We will meet on your mediation date.

15. Your MOU is a binding contract enforceable by law.

13. Both parties sign their agreement.