Nesther Mediation LLC

bilingual mediaton / mediaciÓn bilingüe

I became a mediator because I believe that solving a legal issue shouldn't be so painful for the parties litigating it. I have seen how much the cost of a long litigation process can be. I have experienced how emotionally destructive it can become months of waiting for an answer. I have witnessed how some of those litigation cases were settled in mediation after months; when that could have been one of the first steps.

I heard from parents how their children suffered their long divorces. I have perceived how defeated individuals leave the courtroom after long hours of hearings, days full of worries, and weeks with sleep deprivation that they expend in litigation.

I feel sure that mediation decreases the suffering level and stress that litigation brings to you. I trust in the mediation process as the one that can provide you with the feeling that you were in control of the outcome. Mediation works and you will experience it within days and not after longs months of highly cost ligation. I'm confident that you can live with the result of your mediation simply because you will be actively involved in the process towards the solution.

For these reasons, I became a mediator. Your bilingual mediator.

" The word is the human's weapon
to approach each other. " 

​​                          Ana Maria Matute

Why did I become a Mediator?